Sorting Famous Literary Figures into Kenyon Frats

hemingway the dke

Kenyon is a literary as shit school and we love that here. Kenyon loves books, and the people who did books. Authors, you know? And poets and such. And there’s got to be a way to categorize all of these bad boys, and since no one really wants to think about, say, which Romantics match up with which First Year dorms (Coleridge would live in Gund, don’t @ me) we’re going to do frats, so buckle in.

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What is Greek Council?

For those of you unaware, we have Greek life at Kenyon! The people you have seen wearing weird shapes on T-shirts are in fact Greek, and those are Greek symbols (but actually some of the weird symbols you see are just weird symbols. Learn the Greek alphabet, it’s important knowledge). You may now start recognizing the temple thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “Delt Lodge” and the basement thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “DKE Lounge.”

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