Freak Things I’ve Heard In The Common Room At 3 A.M

You know the scene: It’s a Saturday night. You and your friends have just finished gorging on some Dominos cheesy bread after a night of hitting up a random all-campus followed by some NCA-hopping. You and your friend are the last two survivors at 3 AM when everyone’s gone to sleep, hiding out in the common room as both of your roommates are asleep. It is my theory the  deepest of conversations happen past midnight, but that’s kind of hard to accomplish when so many weird beings pass through the common room in a drunken stupor. Here are some freaky things I’ve overheard or seen in the common room at 3 AM.

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The Best of Thrill @ Nite: 4/20 Edition

Looking to point your diluted pupils toward some fun and freaky Internet memes? Enjoy this compilation of our craziest “Thrill @ Nite*” vids and BLAZE, Y’ALL!!! Make your brain feel HELLA SPOOKY!!! GO GREEN!!!

*”Thrill @ Nite” is a weekly feature in which weird videos are posted by weird members of our staff during the weird hours of the early morning. We usually forget it exists, so you probably haven’t heard of it. You’re likely too busy puffing the magic dragon to read this, anyway. Just watch the damn videos.

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A Plea: We Need Your Dirty Questions

We will totally wear this sweater while we answer your questions

We will totally wear this sweater while we answer your questions.

As you may have observed last week, The Thrill has added a revamped feature to the books. We now have, for your reading pleasure, a wild and wonderful sex column. In order to make our sex column run swimmingly we need your questions. Ask us all of the burning questions that have been percolating in your minds. It can be freaky, fun, or frightening, or a combination of all three. Tell us your sexual hopes, dreams, and fears. We want to know it all! Once you have a question, thought, or anecdote, e-mail us at, or ask away anonymously in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you.