New Thanksgiving Tuneage From Ryan Mach, Andrew Dunham, Pinegrove and More!

First off on my list of “things I’m thankful for” would probably be the Internet.  Bottomless social media and entertainment prospects aside (hi mom and dad, bye mom and dad), my job at The Thrill would basically be impossible without the file-sharing badassery made possible by all those cool little tubes.

Secondly, as their absence from the universe would also severely hamper my work here, I’d like to extend my hearty thanks to all the Internet-savvy musicians out there.  Dunno if you’ve ever spent time at Bandcamp, sat in the shade of a Soundcloud, or explored the outer limits of Myspace (that’s what we used before Facebook, for those of you graduating in 2016), but without those sites I would be nothing, you hear me?  Nothing.

Anyway, gratuitous gratitude aside, hit the jump for some excellent new music from Kenyon students and alumni alike.  You can even download a couple of them, for free!  How ’bout them Internets, eh? Continue reading