The Science of Un-Assigned Assigned Seats

auditorium benches chairs class

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“I have to be careful—I’m picking the seat I’m going to sit in for the rest of the semester.”

“I’m up earlier than I usually am, because someone stole my seat yesterday and I’m gonna get there super early and sit in the front row and say yes, don’t take my seat again.”

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Overheard at Kenyon, Vol. VII

It’s that time again when we at The Thrill make you regret talking just a little too loudly. Heads up first years, we’ve been taking extra effort to listen in on what you guys have been saying lately. As always, if you see your own words here, sorry. Feel free to claim it in the comments, or next time just talk quieter.

Politically-Savvy First Year: “I would sleep with Paul Ryan and not regret it.”

Worried Girl in line to see Michelle Obama: “What if we walk in and they’re just screening Liberal Arts?”

  • That same girl, later on: “I just wish I was a man … fuck you, America.”

Already Stoned Guy in WiggleGround: “Hey, do you want to go drop acid?”

  • Nervous Prospie (who had never met Already Stoned Guy before): “Ummm, no, I’m alright … thanks, though.” Continue reading