Kenyon Klutter: Meet a Desk


Desks: they don’t get enough attention, you dump your crap all over them and forget about them, but they are always there, working behind the scenes to ensure you get stuff done in a timely manner (or to hold your computer while you scroll through Tumblr, but hey, John Green said he does it too). To shed light on an important member of the Kenyon community, the Thrill has arranged an exclusive interview with the desk of Madame Cowles, a professor of French in the MLL department.

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The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Sounding off on Thin Walls

thin walls meme

Let’s talk about thin walls. We have them. No matter where you live on campus (first year housing, fancy suburban housing, bleak Caples housing), you can hear your neighbors through the walls. Now we’re going to hear from a first year (Coral) and senior (Becca) on how thin walls and noisy neighbors affect our (mostly, sex) lives.

Coral: In McBride, thin walls have never worked to anyone’s advantage. Yes, I hear you having sex. Yes, I hear you crying about not having sex. And, wow, yes, shocker, I hear you screaming in the halls about whether ordering pizza at 3 a.m. would be a good idea or not.

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Do It Tonight: Scapin


April Fool’s didn’t give you enough time to unleash your inner imp (or douchebag, depending on the prank)? Then come see Scapin!  Adapted from French by Bill Irwin and Mark O’Donnell, this comedy is updated with plenty of witty and contemporary humor.  Directed by Jonathan Tazewell, it’s sure to be a night of hilarity in the Bolton Theatre.  And if not, it’s not like you were doing anything better this weekend. Go.

What: Scapin

Where: Bolton Theatre

When: April 4th, 5th, and 6th at 8:00 P.M.