Weighing in on Thanksgiving

junkfoodAs a young girl, I knew what the Freshman 15 was before I was even 15 years old. Even then I was reading in CosmoGirl and Seventeen and they taught how to avoid the inevitable. As college grew closer, I began to see the transition not as a threat, but as an opportunity. I was going to LOSE WEIGHT in college! Nothing drastic, but I had ideas for little adjustments that would make me slimmer. With my own schedule, I would eat perfect portions that weren’t dictated by my parents when they made dinner or restaurants when I went out. I was going to eat at 5 PM every night, because that’s what some skinny girls I knew did. I was going to become my Best Self: my thinnest self. Continue reading

Overheard at Kenyon: Back 2 Skewl

He’s always listening. (via Diverse Education)

Welcome back, y’all. This past week has been filled with questions, comments, concerns, and more – here are some tidbits we’ve found along the way:

  • Freshman Talking About Her Sophomore Housing, Probably: “Which one is Caples again?
  • Sophomore, Ready to Get Back In the Groove: “I don’t have any homework, so I guess that means I can start drinking early.” Continue reading

No Fear Gambier: Myths About Scary Upperclassmen, Busted

Via tumblr.

Well, today’s the day. The rest of campus moves in and first-year orientation comes to a close. For you lil’ fresh-babies, college continues to become a tangible reality and it’s overwhelming. How are you supposed to get comfortable in your new environment when there are swarms of cool and confident upperclassmen stomping around? Isn’t this their world and you’re just living in it? What is it that makes upperclassmen so scary? We’re here to bust some myths about your newfound community. Hopefully you can make yourself at home with a clearer mind. Continue reading

Freshman 15: Places You Should Know (in Mount Vernon)

The Knox County Courthouse – not included in our list because we surely do hope you never have to go to this building (via markspearmanphotography.com)

Welcome to Kenyon, First Years! Pretty soon you will be pulling into Gambier and ready to start the school year – but before you dive right into life as a Kenyon student, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses in Mount Vernon (our much larger neighbor to the West) that we think you should become familiar with. Check out the list after the break!

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