Housing-Lottery Analysis with Sigmund Freud

Under Analysis

Manning, hmm? Tell me more about your relationship with your father.

So, the Housing Lottery happened. People laughed, people cried, people got Caples doubles and most of us forgot about it. For some, though, housing woes are still a source of stress — if you’re one of the unlucky few who got shafted, we’ve devised our own little Freudian analysis to help you through.

Q — So I got a New Apt., but I’m having second thoughts about all of my housemates. What should I do?
A Ach, yes, das “Hating-All-Ihre-Frienden-Syndrome.” It would appear that this issue clearly stems from feminine hysteria brought on by acute penis envy. Go lie down.

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Dream Reading with A Psych Major

This is Freud. He probably analyzed dreams at some point...

This is Freud. He probably analyzed dreams at some point…

The Thrill is now opening its doors to the world of dreams. Do you dream? Are your dreams fascinating, frightening, or a little bit freaky? The Thrill wants to know about them, so that we can help you make sense of that hazy place known as dreamland. Send us your dreams and I will use my expertise (a strange interest in dreams, a shady website entitled whatyourdreamsmean.com, and my two-month-long profession as a psychology major) to give your dream symbolic meaning. 

This week’s dream is relatable, emotional, and a little bit scary.

Dear Izzy,

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