Kenyon Kats: A TAIL of Love and Loss


Kenyon is home to a diverse population of cats, many of whom I consider to be good friends of mine. Moxie and I have been very close ever since I rescued her from a tree one snowy night last February. Talulah and I clicked instantly, because real recognizes real. Bam Bam has seen me cry more times than my own father. But however much I try, there are some cats I just haven’t gotten through to.

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Cla(i)res of Cenyon

The Cla(i)res of Cenyon pose in front of the Gates of Hell (via

The Cla(i)res of Cenyon pose in front of the Gates of Hell (via

For a small school, there sure are a lot of people with the same name. You know the names… Emmas, Liams, An(n)ikas, and Cla(i)res. Recently, The Cla(i)res of Kenyon got together for some shenanigans that only people with the same name can take part in. The following is an interview with Clare Livingston ’18, who orchestrated this beautiful moment.

What inspired you to call upon the Cla(i)res?

The decision to call upon the Cla(i)res (I put the “i” in parenthesis for the inclusion of Clare Chou and myself) was completely impulsive. I’d had a conversation last year with Claire Tomasi in the Deli last year after, being the only two people there, both standing up when the name Cla(i)re was called. She proceeded to tell me that something like 2% of her class (Class of 2017) was named some version of Cla(i)re. Weirder still, there was an absurd amount of Claire Elizabeths. So there I was, sitting in an adirondack chair in front of Olin with friends at the start of September 2015 and I looked up Cla(i)re with every letter last name on Gmail and wrote a joke email. The rest is history. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the NCA Skunk

The skunk, probably.

The skunk, probably.

Dear “Skunk”,

I’m not convinced you exist. One time, I thought you were outside Yoga and Meditation House, but you disappeared as soon as I blinked and I’m not sure you were ever really there. Another time, I thought I saw you trundling along behind Gund Commons at around 2 A.M. on a Sunday, but I was deliriously tired and ill and maybe you were just a waking fever dream.

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Kenyon Ranked “Best College For Students Slow At Making Friends”

If Cady Heron could do it, you can too!

Oh how the mighty have fallen. From “Most Beautiful Campus” and “Top College Professors,” The Huffington Post recently released a list that ranked Kenyon among the “Best Colleges For Students Slow At Making Friends.”

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