What Is “Friendsy” And Why Is It Here?: An Investigation



Imagine the scene, if you will — it was a dark and stormy Monday night, during the halfway-point break of my seminar. I trotted out to Lentz House’s lounge to send a few emails — and there, waiting patiently in my inbox, was salvation. Social salvation, that is, as I’d just been “tapped” to join the new Kenyon branch of “Friendsy.”

What’s Friendsy, you ask? Well, that was my question, too: I assumed it was some friendship-oriented offshoot of Etsy. Luckily, I happened to be surrounded by a ready-made focus group comprised of the other students in my seminar (WHAT UP, Politics Of Transitional Justice 491.01).

“I think it’s supposed to be like ‘frenzy.’ You know, like a frenzy of friend-making,” offered Colin Finnegan ’15.

“I thought it was like a onesie. Like a friendship onesie,” opined Molly Halberstadt ’15.

Intrigued, I clicked onward, only to discover that Friendsy is basically a OkCupid/Tinder hybrid — but for college-specific friendship. Sort of like Facebook, but with a strong “this is not-so-secretly a hookup app” vibe. Continue reading