10 o’clock list: What to Do with Two Measly Inches of Snow


I’m from the South, so whenever it snows at home, the whole city shuts down. Literally, if there is a snowflake in the air, school is cancelled, people come home early from work, and the entire populace freaks out with their noses pressed to the windows… and then nothing. No snow. Barely even ice. I have experienced the disappointment year after year. But when we get two inches at home it is the most exciting thing ever. SLEDDING. HOT CHOCOLATE. SNOW FORTS. BIKINI SNOW PHOTOSHOOT (I wish I was kidding here). So coming to school in the north, I had high hopes for snow. And on Friday I was sorely disappointed. We all know that the phrase “yeah it was only two inches” is often accompanied by a dissatisfied tone, and this “blizzard” is no exception. So what should we do with all this snow?

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Beard of the Week: Michael Harris ’14

Where were you six months ago? Were you at the beach, face down on a fluffy towel to ensure that every inch of your back gets properly  bronzed? Or perhaps you were cruising down Route 66, wind whipping through your hair to the point that you get too cold and have to roll up the window?  Or maybe you were at home, frolicking to and fro through your neighbor’s flowerbeds? That’s a little disrespectful. But while you were being carefree and sucking up the summer sun, this man was hard at work harvesting hairs on his chin. So,without further ado, here’s your beard of the week:

Michael Harris' Beard of the Week

The Man: Michael Harris ’14

The Look: “The Only Thing I Can Grow Consistently”

Grow Time: 6 months

Inspirations: Vlad the Impaler and President Rutherford B. Hayes

Reading Days Weather Guide

(via weather.com)

Reading days are finally upon us! Now that they’re here, The Thrill is going to stop incessantly posting about them, right? Wrong! It’s time to give y’all the scoop on the weather so you can plan your swanky road trips. This forecast is graciously brought to you by Weather.com, which has never failed me before, except for that one time it did.

And it seems as if it’s actually going to be somewhat tolerable in Gambier. Thursday and Friday look perfect for frolicking in the new fall boots you just got in the mail. Saturday and Sunday get progressively more gloomy, but so do you, because you spent all of your time frolicking when you should have been studying for midterms. Shame on you.