From the Collegian Archives: Ghosts


We’ve all heard the rumours and stories about ghosts at Kenyon. From the Gates of Hell to the perils of Caples, we are a (supposedly) haunted school. In honor of Halloween, today I present a ghostly opinions piece from a 1996 issue of the Collegian. Now turn your attention to the writings of Mr. Tim Mutrie and his thoughts on ghosts at Kenyon. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: The birth of television


Today we feature a piece that reminds just how far technology has come in the past 50 years. Published in February 2nd, 1954, this brief article is about the acquisition of Kenyon’s first television set. Located in Peirce Hall, the set was a mere 21 inches but was a source of fascination for many Kenyon students. The students who experienced television coming to campus are now in their 60s and 70s. In the past 50 years they have seen that television transition from a single item on campus, to a five inch device that almost every Kenyon student has on them at all times.

Thank you to Greenslade Special Collections for access to the Collegian archives Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: In Defense of Gossip



Kenyon today is a small and insulated community, word travels fast and opinions, truths, falsehoods, and gossip can be heard from North to South. Recently, as many of you are I am sure aware, a new method of spreading gossip has appeared on campus in the form of Yik Yak, the popular, though controversial, anonymous message board. Gossip, though now spread so much more quickly through our phones and computers, has always been prevalent, even Kenyon. An opinion piece from the October 22, 1965 Collegian examines gossip as a source of news, and an intellectual concept, and gives opinion on gossip in Gambier. Read on to learn the reaction to gossip by your fellow Kenyonites. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Advertisements


Definitely not going to see this ad in the Collegian anymore

Open a copy of the Collegian and all you will find will be the news of that week, but in the past, the Collegian was known to have run a variety of ads, presumably to meet expenses not covered by the college. Today the Thrill presents a collection of these advertisements from several issues of the Collegian from the 20th Century. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Harry Potter Review


This week in From the Collegian Archives, we’re not going too far back — just 14 years, to Nov. 4, 1999. But it might as well have been a lifetime ago, because this was before Pottermania had begun. (The book had, however, been released in the U.S. in Sept. 1998, meaning the Collegian was not exactly on the ball with this review.) Luckily, the review is a positive one — “quality stuff,” “fast pace, engaging characters and … fantasy-ridden plot,” “attracting people of all ages” — as the Collegian would probably never recover from panning the most beloved book of our generation. Still, the paper couldn’t resist throwing in the requisite sophisticated-liberal-arts-student-who’s-too-good-for-this barbs. “If you do no other pleasure reading over Thanksgiving break, read Harry Potter. In between, of course, chapters of Moby Dick.

After the jump, a special bonus photo of Kenyon’s own favorite boy wizard!

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