From the Collegian Archives: Political Cartoons are Forever

Offensive? Strangely relevant? You decide.

Coming off your election high, what better to settle down with than the triumphant — and unusually punctual — return of From the Collegian Archives, now with Thrill intern Reed Dickerson ’16 as the force behind the scenes? This week, we return to the Collegian of 1975 to find, among other things, a political cartoon featuring Patty Hearst. Given that this comic comes from the September ’75 issue of the Collegian, it actually coincides directly with her arrest, though it may have been drawn beforehand.  Interesting to place it in time, though; at the time of this release, she would still have been the talk of the country, as it was before her famous trial began.

After the jump: More political cartoons! Your professors in the age of yore! The return of silly out-of-context headlines!

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From the Collegian Archives: The Stars Move, Therefore You Should Smoke Viceroys

I don’t think I follow.

It’s back, and it’s got a new trick! From the Collegian Archives is 10 times as slick as the last time, or something along those lines, now that Thrill intern Reed Dickerson ’16 is helping me out with finding articles and getting scans. An underling of my very own! It’s like a dream come true!

The Collegian of 1957 continues its weird obsession with Viceroys through this comic, whose logic is a little…suspect. I’m still trying to puzzle out where the science is connected. Is it just “this is an interesting thing, and cigarettes are also interesting things, so you should smoke them?” I guess you run out of ideas when you print ads for the same cigarette brand pretty much every week, but this is just bizarre writing.

After the break: Slapstick, movie premieres, and Kenyon classes on dog sledding and being a Mountie!

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From the Collegian Archives: The Bookstore’s, Like, Groovy, Man

It’s another week for weirding out the Greenslade Special Collections workers as I show up asking for old Collegians, then make them scan the biggest non-sequiturs. The life of a Thrill writer is filled with perils and—more realistically—a Kenyon-appropriate amount of awkwardness. This week, your Kenyon Bookstore continually fails to be hip even in the age when we actually did say words like “groovy,” and more gems from 1967, including student thoughts on the opening of the Women’s Coordinate College.

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From the Collegian Archives: Kenyon’s Hottest New Twist Band

It’s time for another look at some of the strange and wonderful things The Thrill‘s illustrious mothership has published in its 158-year history. First up, one of P. F. Kluge’s early works, from 1962 — just look at the picture he paints with that first sentence! Blue! Fetid! Blue! Silver! (An article in the very same issue highlights our writer-in-residence’s coming promotion from Associate Editor to the coveted position of Editor. Such drama!)

More strange and amusing early-’60s Collegian highlights after the break.

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From the Collegian Archives: Buy a Portable Womb!

These days at the Collegian, we get really excited if we sell even one ad per week. (This week there will be two! Praise the Lord!) Getting ads makes us feel like a real live newspaper, but we used to have no problem getting ads—in the ’50s, we even made them up sometimes!

Finally! A way to cure my agressive Anglophilia!

But seriously, we also sold a ton of real ones. Vintage ads after the jump.

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