It Happened to Me: Stuck in the Higley Elevator

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BREAKING: Senior Kenyatta (Kenny) Viel ’17 got STUCK in an ELEVATOR! Kenny is a senior Molecular Biology major (with an Anth minor and an African Diaspora concentration), which means she spends quite a lot of time in the science quad. Last week, she spent way, WAY too much time in the science quad, getting stuck in the Higley elevator. Read on to hear her harrowing tale!

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“Expectations” for Going Out on a Wednesday

It’s Wednesday Night.

“Expectations.” I chose to place quotations around the word because as a “Senior Washed-Up Girl,” or SWUG, I have none. In between bites of our J-Top sandwiches, Sophia Khan ’13 and I tried to remain optimistic about our potential Wednesday plans. It was only 10:55 PM. The night was young. Now, it is approximately 1 AM and I’m writing this Thrill article, researching sources for Survey of Art Part II bibliography, and Snapchatting photos of myself with a hair mustache. CrAcland Living at its finest.

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