Get Shanked: Strategic Room Placement for Maximum Smangability

After saying goodbye to Hafternoon Delight, we at The Thrill are proud to welcome a new sex columnist to our ranks. Hopefully “Get Shanked” will elevate your sex life to new heights. 

As a second semester senior at Kenyon College, I’ve had many different experiences. Some of  these experiences have been brilliant and others have been so terrifying that the thought of reliving them brings me weeping to my knees. Nearly all of these experiences, however, have been related to sex.

Most colleges are veritable breeding grounds, rife with sexual encounters and wildly naked escapades. Kenyon College is no exception.  With its rolling hills, beautiful landscape, close quarters and lack of late-night stimulation, this fine institution often offers few other options than to hook up.  A lot.  Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to share some of my best bits of advice to help you readers get it on. This week, we’ll be focusing on the strategic placement of dorm room furniture.

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