PSA: Don’t Lie to the Cove Guy

We’ve all told our friends, bosses and parents one specific little white lies: That we’ll “be there in a minute,” when in reality we are a good five to ten minutes away. It’s understandable.We hate to disappoint our employers and loved ones. But, as I found out recently, whether or not you tell the truth can be the difference between a good or bad night for your friendly neighborhood Cove delivery guy.

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Trustee Regret Board

This will do, I guess. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Word on the street is the trustees were around this last weekend. Aside from their Upper Dempsey VIP status and the above-average number of white and gray heads of hair trudging up and down Middle Path, they were quite under the radar. You might even say they were quite suppressed. Chances are that all those bourgeois, capitalist meetings brought up some rebelliousness inside those formally-attired hearts of theirs. I’m talking angst, kids. To be precise, Kenyon trustee angst.

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Hey, What Happened to this Sign?


Not another one! Looks like Gambier may have been rocked by another theft, albeit this one a little less serious than the instrument theft spree in Storer. Those poor floodlights are lighting up the space where their friend the Gambier Grill sign used to hang, but as of last night it had mysteriously disappeared. There’s hope, though: maybe the Grill’s owners finally decided to go back to the old (and more loved) name, The Cove, and are preparing a new sign.

After the jump, a photo of the sign in happier (and snowier) times.

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