Do it Tomorrow: Lunchtime Gamelan Performance


Some traditional gamelan instruments.

When you’re desperate for a study break during finals, you should really branch out from re-watching Freaks and Geeks. Tomorrow at noon, Kenyon’s Indonesian Music Ensemble course will be hosting a Sundanese gamelan degung performance in the Bemis Music Room in Peirce. A gamelan (which after tons of Googling I realized is just the term for an Indonesian music ensemble) traditionally includes drums, flutes, bronze percussion, and sometimes vocalists. Who knows what could happen in there: a spiritual revelation, a new love for Indonesian percussion music? So, brighten your day with some spiritual music to inspire you amidst these long nights withering away in Gund.

What: Gamelan performance.

Where: Bemis Music Room, Peirce.

When: Saturday, 12PM.