Make it a Drinking Game: Dodgeball


It’s a Friday night and you and the home skillets are chillin’ in the dormi-glory waiting to get your freak on at the Audacious Old K, but you need a little boost before you can get yo’ swerve on.  Leave Beer Pong and Flip Cup to the fools, we got your night covered—old school. Put that kiddie-shit childhood to use for some new games:

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Distract Yo’ Self: Internet Games Edition


Hey there everybody.  Finals week got you down?  Need a little break from that paper looming over your head?  Then try using the internet for what it was intended for.  No, not researching 16th century French architecture for your art history final tomorrow.  Distracting yourself with mindless, pedantic games to keep you from getting anything even remotely productive done!

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