10 o’clock list: Trash Cans that Look like Famous Kenyon Alums

Doppelgangers. Everyone has them. For some, it’s the hip girl in your yoga class. For others, it’s a garbage receptacle. I often find myself gazing at trash cans during my daily jaunts about campus and think to myself, “Hey! That looks like a notable Kenyon alumnus! What an amazing coincidence!” Rather than keep my findings locked inside my labyrinthine brain, I am publicizing them so we can all share a hearty chuckle and perhaps even a knee slap. Without further ado*, here are some trash cans resembling Kenyon grads.

1) John Green

trash 1  john-green

This trash can shares the same stubbly exterior as this lovable author’s face. Except instead of pebbles, he has human hair! Also, his head is covered in paper. Why is that? John Green definitely has the potential to be a great garbage container.

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