10 o’clock List: Tips for Creating A Competitive OkCupid Profile

Friends and lovers! In a matter of days we will all be leaving the Hill, and some of us will be leaving forever. But, really, all of us will be leaving this mountain top of fun, sexy times v. soon. Weekend after weekend of guaranteed romantic adventures will be coming to end — and it’s time to get real.

You need help finding love away from Kenyon. Your awkward quirk/cuteness is just not going to translate in the real world. It’s time to get professional help. And by “professional help” I mean, of course, OkCupid.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the online dating oasis, OkCupid “is a free friendship, dating and social networking website that features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions,” according to Wikipedia. 

Sounds like a sure-bet for success. But how do you make your account stand out, in a good way?

1. Have an “I’m over this” attitude. In your about me section, give off an attitude of “I’m too good to be doing this.” When talking about yourself, make sure that your tone suggests that you hate talking about yourself, and then write three paragraphs about your personal likes and dislikes in great detail.

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Bone Up: Keeping It Out of the Family


It’s the classic love story: boy meets girl, boy hooks-up with girl, boy later realizes he’s actually 3rd-cousins with the girl, boy develops serious drinking problem. While it might sound far-fetched, the chances of accidentally hooking up with your cousin are larger than you might think! Here are some tips to use to make sure your next frisky encounter stays out of the family. Continue reading

Weekend Drink: The George Michael

What a stud (via fanpop.com).

What a stud (via fanpop.com).

One of TVs best characters is Arrested Development‘s George Michael Bluth. In honor of his amazingness, we’ve made him a drink. A drink that would probably be served to him unknowingly.

  • Add one shot of brandy to a water glass (to avoid the appearance of anything suspicious).
  • Fill the glass with sparkling apple cider.
  • For sweetness and a thick kick, float some grenadine on top.
  • Serve with pizza.