The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

Hey all, hope you’re having a fantastic start to the semester.  The weather’s been nice enough, the pizza at Peirce has been dope, and the hills are alive with the sound of music.  What more can you ask for?  Well, before you answer that, I have what you’ve been looking for – the newest edition of the Adventures of D-Cat, the series where we pop into the world of Sims and see what our lovely president has been up to.

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Tim Gunn Meets the Nuge, Probable Discussion of Purple Clothing Ensued

My heroes together. (via

My heroes together. (via

Last night, Project Runway mentor and all-around awesome dude Tim Gunn posted to his Facebook and WhoSay profiles about meeting several academics including our former president S. Georgia Nugent:

With @WhatleyKathy and @NugentGeorgia @CICnotes CAO Workshop in Baltimore! Having a blast talking with academics! XX

Gunn spent the majority of his career as a faculty member and dean at Parsons The New School for Design, and would be no stranger to the collegiate environment. Yet, I can’t help but look on with a little pride as our most fashionable former president met the world’s most famous fashion guru. Hopefully his meeting with the Nuge brought a little joy to his life after a particularly dreadful season of Project Runway and reinvigorated his life with a rousing philosophical discussion. That being said, we’ll never know what kind of magical conversations went on between them, just that they may change the world forever.

Seniors Reminisce: President S. Georgia Nugent

Georgia Nugent

The Nuge: Most remembered for her amazing and wide array of purple clothing.

Senior year is weird. One minute you’re a child, lost in the big world of Gambier, and the next you’re looking back and saying, “Hey, things have changed slightly? Were they always this way? No, I guess not.” And then judging younger people for not knowing the same things we do. But one of the biggest changes in the past four years? The passing of the presidential torch from S. Georgia Nugent to Sean Decatur. Here, we have some seniors give their thoughts on our former president.

Annaliese Milano ’16

She had some really atrocious purple Ugg boots that I once saw her in at the Post Office. It was the dead of winter, but I don’t think that makes it ok?

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The Nuge on Drinking

The Nuge with President Decatur and President Emeritus Philip Jordan at Decatur's inauguration. (via

The Nuge with President Decatur and President Emeritus Philip Jordan at Decatur’s inauguration. (via

President Emerita Georgia Nugent–colloquially known as the Nuge–wrote a New York Times op-ed on her opinion of the drinking age. Citing increasing rates of binge drinking, and “the very dangerous form of “pre-gaming,”” Nugent hopes lawmakers will consider reducing the drinking age from 21, so young people will learn to be responsible with alcohol. To read the piece, click here!