Are you sick of walking down Middle Path just to realize that every face you pass is unfamiliar? Do you crave the sensation of gently caressing another person’s hand as you reach for the same Chipotle mayo bottle? Or are you just looking for something beyond the bizarre Kenyon hookup culture for a meaningful conversation on the middle of New Side?

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“YOU’VE BEEN CHASED”: Kenyon ‘Ghosting’ Starts Now


As a junior, Kenyon has started to lose a little bit of its novelty. This can only be described as the !!New Haircut!! effect. You know–you see it in a magazine and it looks super fab on the model, so you head off to the hairdresser, make the commitment, and snip snip! It’s done. It looks great for a while. You don’t mind the adjustment, you take the time to make it right. But then it starts growing. Before you know it, your head is 1/2 mullet, 1/2 Rogaine model and you’re ready to shave it all off and color it in with Crayola markers. Continue reading