happy halloween

Are you one of the five people I know dressing up as sexy Philander Chase? Are you proud of your witty Olin / Mod / Graham Gund / Our Path Forward costume? Or maybe are you just wearing all red and not coming home after a night out, thus calling yourself a Peirce cup?  Continue reading


We’re Doing the Costume Contest Again!



Boo! Ha ha, got you there, all fun and jest though I’m not a ghoul, just Nate your friend from class. And from the Thrill. Anyway.


The Thrill is once again having our almost-annual-except-not-really costume contest! Continue reading

Starter Packs for Your Dorm

kenyon sp with border

Dorms. Among the filth and mold, we’ve learned to call them home. Part of the fun of these exorbitantly expensive cinderblock jail cells is leaving your (temporary) mark on the place and putting your unique spin on the place. But, as unique as we are all hell-bent on convincing ourselves that we are, these places have more of an impact on us than we like to admit. What does your dorm say about you?  Continue reading

Is this a Kenyon Ghost Story or the Plot of a Stephen King Novel?


“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” Stephen King wrote this but it may as well have been said during a Kenyon ghost tour. Kenyon is rife with ghosts which means that Kenyon is also rife with ghost stories. You’ve probably heard of a couple of them, but how well do you actually know all of these haunting tales? Can you guess whether this is a Kenyon ghost story or a plotline for a Stephen King novel? Let’s find out. (Answers are at the bottom)

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I live in the Netherworld: Watson Dorm

I live in the Netherworld: Watson Dorm

Okay, I know every college student since the beginning of higher education likes to complain about their dormitory, but here’s the thing: Watson dorm is unlike any other dorm experience you can or will have on Kenyon’s campus. I have lived here since August (with the added bonus of moving in early, as a Peer Counselor for training) and I have compiled such a wide and vast collection of experiences in this place that it feels like I’ve lived seven separate lives, all of which have been marked by some absolutely batshit occurrences. Nothing you will read on this or any website will be able to convey to you the full experience, but come with me, won’t you? Come with me on this journey.

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Untold Kenyon Ghost Stories: The Other Caples Ghost



Of Kenyon’s many ghosts, the most notorious is probably the aggressive boyfriend that lives in Caples Residence Hall. He’s known for bothering residents by moving furniture around and wreaking occasional havoc. Campus Safety especially is not a fan of this guy. His bad reputation isn’t entirely underserved, this kid has been documented doing some spooky shit, especially to female residents.

We’ve all heard of him. Some of us (me) are terrified of him, others have learned to live in harmony with him and his antics. He’s a staple on this campus, but true Ghost Aficionados know that there’s actually a second ghost that hangs around Caples, one that will put all of your Timothy Shutt ghost tour induced nightmares at bay. His name is Mr. Caples, and he matters too. Continue reading