Weekend Drink: Inauguration Fizz

(via Kenyon.edu)

So, the auspicious date is finally here.  Sean M. Decatur official becomes the 19th president of Kenyon College, complete with an official swearing in and ball and robes.  I’m assuming there will be lots of robes.  And a medallion, appearantly.  Anyway, let’s celebrate this great day and new beginning for our college in the traditional manner by guzzling down a mild poison until we can’t walk straight.  Delicious, delicious poison.  Anyway, here’s a drink to knock back before you head down to the gala.  Or after.  Or anytime,  really.  Who cares when, just drink the damn thing:  Continue reading

Weekend Drink: The Ty Segall


The Ty Segall is a special drink, based on our old classic Seagull Wine, and inspired by last night’s crazy times at the Horn. If you didn’t go to the Horn and were instead lying in bed watching Girls and eating Stacy’s chips and leftover apple pie, we will forgive you, because that’s what we were doing too. To bring these splendid times back for Saturday night, dive into this drink to ramp up your weekend.

  • 1 Part Kokosing river water.
  • 1 Part Gin (because what is better than Gin? Nothing).
  • 5 Parts chocolate kisses, sitting in the bottom of the glass.

Note: you should melt the chocolate in advance to create a smooth flavor across your tongue.