Shared Experiences Every Kenyon Student Had Before Kenyon


Kenyon is a small place and a strange place. It takes a certain type of person to willingly give up four years of their life, their youth, their energy, their innocent, happy glow, to the rough-n-tumble fields of rural central Ohio. Partly because of how insular our community is, we all form a collective hive-mind/groupthink where everyone graduates somehow looking like this: Continue reading

Ebenezer Cohen-Scrooge: Why I Hate Christmastime

Being Jewish around Christmastime is never “holly jolly,” and I attribute this mostly to the music. It’s inescapable — every store, taxicab, and TV commercial is blasting feel-good jams about Yuletide cheer. And unless you’re a big Adam Sandler fan, which I haven’t been since Happy Gilmore,¹ there really isn’t any Hanukkah music to rock out to on the radio.

Now, I will admit that even a misanthrope like me can give in and be a total sap — I watch Glee. However, even the hilariously diverse group of high school students on Glee manages to completely ignore that Christmas isn’t the only December holiday. Has everyone forgotten that Rachel Berry is Jewish?² Has she forgotten? The entire Christmas episode absolutely infuriated me: Rachel gives her boyfriend a Christmas wishlist, sings Christmas songs I’ve never even heard of and squeals “Best. Christmas. Ever!!” under a sprig of mistletoe.³

I present to you, after the jump, a list of my absolute least favorite “holiday” tunes. Continue reading