10 o’clock list: Video Games That Remind Me of Kenyon

You’ll always be next gen in my eyes, GC

Kenyon is like one big video game. At times, I feel like something out of Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania, side-scrolling the hell out of my workload, just killing assignments over and over and over ad nauseum to reach the end. At other times, I feel like I’m playing Sonic ‘06 aka one of the worst games made in recent decades, basically designed for you to neither have fun nor be able to beat the game even if you wanted to. And yet, most times I feel like I’m working my way through Banjo Kazooie or DK64, filled with childlike wonder and intellectual curiosity. More specifically though, here are a few games that, when it comes down to it, remind me a lot of certain things here at Kenyon.

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