PSA: MacBook Failures are Rampant, Save Your Work

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Students who purchased MacBooks in 2011 or 2012 might want to seriously consider backing up all their files. According to the good folks at Helpline, these models appear to have a very high hard drive failure rate. I personally know three people whose hard drives have crashed in recent months, and there are many others with horror stories to tell.

If you think your hard drive has malfunctioned, double check by restarting your computer. Signs of a hard drive failure can include seeing a folder encasing a question mark upon starting back up.

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Google Drive Etiquette

Well here we are, we’ve made it, the promised land of intellectual superiority: college in the 21st century. Out go card catalogues, slide rules, and typewriters; this is the age of the computer, spell check, the age of instant gratification! The once mighty pen falls ignominiously to the fingers at the typewriter; we truly live in a marvelous age. But there is trouble in paradise, and it comes in the form of Google Docs. This infernal feature — so touted by groups of intrepid students — can quickly turn on its creators and unleash its fury upon them. So how to skirt around its gnarliest issues? Luckily, dear reader, you have us.

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