Which Search Term Brought YOU to the Kenyon Thrill?

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They say you always remember your first. Mine was a delectably gooey Monday Catchup by Grandma Thrill Mia Fox. But what was yours? Thanks to the great glory that is ~TecHNOloGY~ we were able to gather some of our favorite search terms that brought us our treasured readers. Tag yourself. I’m ‘peanut man.’

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“What to Do With Too Much Papikra”

Hey fam! I’ve been in Dublin for the last couple of months now.  It’s such a lovely city and has been such a privilege to study abroad here.  Even more so than at Kenyon, it means that I’m extremely independent for the first time in my life having to cook for myself, buying my own dishes, and needing to -gasp- buy my own toilet paper.  Of course, because I’m a hot mess of a person, this means that I’ve been reliant on google more so than ever.  Segues are not my area of expertise, so without further ado here are some of my google searches that provided me with life-saving advice.

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Klexicon Entry: G is for Gund

via feinknopf.photoshelter.com

via feinknopf.photoshelter.com

Contrary to popular belief, Gund is not one guy. Well, he is. But the people who made a bunch of our buildings aren’t. A quick google search revealed that the GUND Partnership is an architecture firm that partners with many schools including Denison and OSU to design some cool buildings for some campuses. Rumor has it that they’re really weird about trash cans and clocks in most of their buildings. Also, the partnership apparently made Storer acoustically shaped like a cello so that you could hear everything happening from everywhere in the building because they’re evil. Continue reading

How I Won The Thrill (But Shouldn’t Have)


Are you not entertained?

I know what you like, Thrill readers: alcohol. And although your average blogger could’ve told you that college students enjoy a drink now and then, I’ve got the numbers to prove it. It’s all part of the multi-year journey that has culminated in my “winning” the Thrill, as my editor Nathaniel told me the other day in econ. What does it mean to win The Thrill? Let me explain.

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Minimum Requirements For “A Day”


Yesterday I spent 12 hours in bed. I went to my 9:40, and then I got in bed and slept through lunch, my 2:40, practice, and dinner. Then I got up to brush my teeth and then I went to bed for the night. In my defense, I was sick. To be fair I have a cold, I’m not like dying or something. I probably should have gotten out of bed but my sweatpants are comfy and SO MUCH SNOT and don’t you judge me, I see you judging me, STOP IT. At first I thought “this is not a day”. But actually, there are very minimal requirements for it to legitimately constitute “a day”. It’s all subjective, right?

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