Overheard: First Week Back

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Welcome back, clowns! We’ve somehow made it through the first couple of days after break—I’m still blaming all of the chaos on the loss of our fourth week—and now it’s time to slog through winter and hope for another polar vortex. Plenty of things on campus are different but one thing will never change: The Thrill is always listening. We heard you with our sweet baby ears and know what you did last night. It’s Overheard!

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Shh! The Official Guide to Gambier Gossip

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Evening, Upper New Siders. Are you enjoying the return of Carhartt and Blundstone weather? Well, Gambier may be getting colder, but it looks like the Kenyon intelligence market is finally heating up. I’ve overheard that some of you are getting busted for trading tips on Middle Path, so I decided to do you all a favor and hand over my top-secret guide for where and when to exchange your hot new goss. And remember, don’t even think about it without a quick little Kenyon Lookaround. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Thrill.

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From the Collegian Archives: In Defense of Gossip



Kenyon today is a small and insulated community, word travels fast and opinions, truths, falsehoods, and gossip can be heard from North to South. Recently, as many of you are I am sure aware, a new method of spreading gossip has appeared on campus in the form of Yik Yak, the popular, though controversial, anonymous message board. Gossip, though now spread so much more quickly through our phones and computers, has always been prevalent, even Kenyon. An opinion piece from the October 22, 1965 Collegian examines gossip as a source of news, and an intellectual concept, and gives opinion on gossip in Gambier. Read on to learn the reaction to gossip by your fellow Kenyonites. Continue reading