Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated (again)


Here we are again with another addition of Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated! As finals hover over us like a dark cloud, we retreat into the nooks and crannies of the labyrinth that is Olin. However, be not afraid, because fun surprises can be found in this den of stress and anxiety! Yes, you guessed it, those fun surprises are the witty musings of our fellow students, the hidden gem of Kenyon: olin desk graffiti.  Continue reading

The Best of WKCO Graffiti


Which one do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

As a WKCO DJ, one of my favorite parts of the gig is to look at all of the graffiti that covers the sound booth while I listen to my show. DJs are allowed to write almost anything they want on the walls so over the years, the room has become covered in drawings, inside jokes, and philosophical ponderings. Because Farr Hall, the home of WKCO, is being torn down as part of the 2020 plan, I wanted to display some of my favorite graffiti from the WKCO booth. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tune in to WKCO 91.9 FM! Especially on Saturdays from 1-2 p.m. :).

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Kenyon Graffiti: Olin Edition


If campus graffiti can call itself art, carrel notes comprise their own complex genre. These thoughts from the lonely and barricaded student form anonymous conversations that probably considered the nature of life, the universe, and whether or not the EDMs are the hottest sorority or not, long before the internet. My discoveries included many lovesick poets, cynics, and seekers of the Deathly Hallows, but also a number of surprises.

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Kenyon Graffiti

Kenyon artwork with potential.

An expression of potential.

Among things never spotted in admissions pamphlets (frowning people, or seasons other than the fall) are aspects of Kenyon that wouldn’t necessarily have charmed Philander Chase. Granted, he would probably be more shocked by the prevalence of women on campus and the things they wear, but graffiti is an undercurrent of the architecture here that falls notably outside the Hogwartsian trend.

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10 o’clock list: A Stall and its Graffiti


There is a single stall on campus with by far the best graffiti on campus.  I will not say in this post where it is, those that know about it will never tell either because it will be overrun with people who want to mess with the sanctity that is that stalls graffiti-art exhibit.  It is equal parts cultural, humorous, topical and heart-warming. Tonight, I have compiled photos of some of my favorite pieces. This is not a definitive list. Like a fine wine, or modern art, some will appreciate certain parts, and others will find different nuances to appreciate.  Enjoy, what is in my humble opinion, the graffiti worth curating.

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