Greeks For Equality

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This Fall, Brandon Lee Curz ’19 and Juvi Rivera ’19 approached Greek Council, the student run body that oversees all of Kenyon’s Greek organizations, with a new idea to help enrich Kenyon’s Greek community through an increased emphasis on diversity. Hearing their concerns about Greek life, the members of Greek Council decided to create Greeks for Equality, a subcommittee of Greek Council with the aim of improving the accessibility and diversity of Greek life here on the hill. While this sounds noble, it’s not entirely clear what this groups goals are or what they’re doing to affect change. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: PEEPS leave Greek Council

The co-ed society, PEEPS O’Kenyon, commonly known as the PEEPS, have left the Kenyon College Greek Council.

The idea of leaving Greek Council had already been broached by the group earlier this year, as reported in the CollegianIn an e-mail to the Collegian, PEEPS co-president Alivia Bloch ’15 explained that “last night we voted and unanimously decided to leave. We are confident that this is the right decision, both for us and for Greek Council”

The Thrill will have continuing coverage of this story as it develops and more information will be included in this week’s edition of the Collegian.


What is Greek Council?

For those of you unaware, we have Greek life at Kenyon! The people you have seen wearing weird shapes on T-shirts are in fact Greek, and those are Greek symbols (but actually some of the weird symbols you see are just weird symbols. Learn the Greek alphabet, it’s important knowledge). You may now start recognizing the temple thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “Delt Lodge” and the basement thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “DKE Lounge.”

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