10 o’clock list: Five Ways for Non-Rushers to Survive Rush Week

What does this mean so many colors so many lines help please.

So it’s rush week, the signs are are very literally everywhere, and suddenly everyone knows more of the greek alphabet than the Classics department ever taught them. If you’re like me, and not planning on rushing, here are some tips and tricks!

1. Close your eyes when you walk into a bathroom. This might seem a little strange, but it is scientifically proven that 83.6% of all rush week posters are in the bathrooms. (Seriously guys, can’t I pee in peace?) I suggest closing your eyes in every bathroom trip and pretending the posters do not exist. Of course, this has some technical issues we’re still working out, but for now it should do the trick!

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10 o’clock list: Kenyon Randos

Objectively, Kenyon isn’t really a big school. Yet somehow, there are always these groups of random people that seem to always be around, perpetually anonymous to me yet familiar by way of association with their general way of being or where I see them. Although there are many individuals in this category that stand alone, there are several key categories of Kenyon randos that consistently stay in my line of sight but off my radar.

1. Sports Randos. I’m not hating on sports in any way, but I mean, you can’t deny the flocks of Nike crew socks and slide sandals on Old Side. Sometimes it seems like you guys dress from the same communal closet. As a non-athlete, the entire culture of Kenyon sports is somewhat lost on me. Take this into account with the cultish social feel that all sports seem to have, and you get the perfect set of randos for your non-athletic Kenyon student.

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Do it this week: Rush Week

Greeks at Kenyon (via Greek Council)

We know this post is a little late, as anyone wanting to participate in Rush Week needed to be at the meeting last night, but this is just a reminder from us folks at the Thrill that this week is Rush Week! If you’re still confused as to what exactly Rush Week is, it’s a week where interested students can learn about and meet members of the different Greek organizations on campus. It’s a process of mutual selection, where students decide which groups provide the best fit and groups decide which students will do the same. Like stated at the meeting last night, branch out and go to as many events as possible. Check out some important dates after the jump!  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Spooky Greek Organizations

Old Kenyon via the Alumni Bulletin

Today is Halloween and also a Wednesday. Maybe something fun is happening in AD Division! But something fun could be happening in one of Kenyon’s spookier Greek organizations’ divisions, too. What? The Peeps don’t scare you? After the jump are five of Kenyon’s creepiest Greek organizations. Stay safe tonight, guys and ghouls.

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