10 o’clock list: Things That Could Be Buried Under the Snow At This Point


While Middle Path has slowly transformed from a deathtrap into a water park, puddles now consuming much of its length and width, the snow that surrounds it remains. Like, it won’t go away. Like really, JUST LEAVE ALREADY. At this point, with no clear melting point in sight, it may be time to ask the question: what is underneath all of that dirty, slushy, sometimes suspiciously yellow snow? Your dignity? Very likely. But what else? In The Thrill‘s first attempt at a metaphorical, semi-archaeological dig, we’re here to provide you with some National Geographic-quality answers. 

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Tweets on Tweets on Tweets: Volume III


Do you know why this girl is smiling? Because she knows who to follow on Twitter, that’s why.

Yes, many Kenyon students have great Twitter presences. But also “the administration” (or whatever) runs some great Twitter accounts. After scouring my Twitter feed, I’ve found the best vaguely adult Kenyon related Twitter accounts. These Twitters might not make you laugh, but they will keep you informed, give you something to talk to your grownup friends about and help you talk up Kenyon while you’re home for break.

First, we have @kenyoninthenews. As its name suggests, this College run account highlights the achievements of Kenyon students, past and present. Kenyon In the News is probably the easiest way to find articles about Kenyon alumni as well as big events on campus (e.g. Michelle Obama).

Sample Tweet:


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