Help! My Dad Has Made the Same Groundhog Day Joke Every Day For Three Months

To all of you living at home right now, this one’s for you. I understand what many of you are going through. Returning to live with your parents after thriving in K-Town, USA would be quite the change to make, even if there wasn’t a global case of the uglies going down as we speak. The days of online school start blurring together, and if your family is also working from home, it may seem that all of you are doing the same song and dance day in and day out.

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Groundhog Day: What Would A Kenyon Time Warp Look Like?

Bill Murray, Bill Murray, Bill Murray. Via WordPress

What if you woke up tomorrow and it was really just today? This  plot drove Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day to repeated suicide attempts, hedonism, and eventually love. But what would a time warp on the Hill do to you? What would it look like? Speculation to follow.  Continue reading