How to Get Hot Brown Water For 75 cents


We’ve all seen this fascinating machine at one point or another on our way to print something in Gund Commons. It lives, covered in dust, constantly being passed by hundreds of students each day. One day, I thought the unthinkable – Can this machine actually be used? Does it dispense the Gourmet Coffee it advertises? I knew I had to find out.

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WEATHER ADVISORY ALERT: Twista Approaches Campus at Nightfall



9 PM EST SAT DEC 5 2015

big gust of wind. jpg

The National Weather Service* in Gambier has issued a Tornado warning for the approaching twister set to hit campus at approximately 9 pm*. To prepare, buy out all the canned food from the Market, fill up all of your nalgenes, and head to the only space on campus pre-determined safe enough: Gund Commons. The official weather committee of Kenyon College** will continue to offer updates to the general public in the coming hours.

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While You Were Gone…


See that? That’s the loop. You’re not in it.


While you were gone, everything changed. Yep–literally everything. It’s all unrecognizable and so are you. I mean, I’ve like, never seen you before in my life. As you unpack and head to classes for the first time in three weeks, you may notice some changes on campus. We have too, and to better help you out, we’ve listed the changes here: Continue reading