Gund Gallery Art Loan Program Lottery Extended to Sunday

Art Loan

Four of the 38 pieces available for loan, via Gund Gallery.

Yesterday, Gund Gallery officially launched the brand-new Gund Gallery Art Loan Program. Any Kenyon student can enter the lottery-based system (similar to the housing lottery) for a chance to select one of 38 pieces specifically set aside for this opportunity to get students more comfortable interacting with art. Similar programs have been operating at schools like Oberlin, Williams, and Harvard for decades and have proven to be an exciting way to make art accessible, familiar, and a part of a student’s personal living space.

Initially students had yesterday and today to enter their names into the lottery, but due to popular demand the exhibition has been extended to Sunday, February 7th at 5 pm. Winning students will now pick up works during common hour on Tuesday, February 9th.

The pieces up for loan are currently on exhibition in the Buchwald-Wright Gallery (found in the far back corner of the upstairs gallery space). The gallery operates on these hours:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1-7PM
  • Thursday 1-10PM
  • Saturday & Sunday 1-5PM

Artist Profile: Roxy Paine

Artist Profile: Roxy Paine

Whether you’ve seen a picture in an email or gone to Gund Gallery to see for yourself, if you’re on the college’s dislist, you know (at least a little bit) about Roxy Paine. The picture in the email shows a security checkpoint: a bin exiting an X-ray machine, the plastic strips that hang at the machine’s tail-end bending as the bin passes through them. But they are not actually plastic, and neither is the bin. Everything is made of wood. Maple to be exact, light in color and naturally stained. The contrast between the object a sculpture depicts and the material it’s made of is integral to Paine’s work.

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Stay at Kenyon Post-Graduation

Like Bruegel’s Icarus, you may fall, and no one will ever notice. (via Wikipedia Commons)

The end is nigh, seniors. Soon you will slap on a pair of wings, and like the young Icaruses you are, you will aim for the sky. Hopefully not too high. You know what happened to Icarus because you went to a liberal arts school. Go for middle-management. Don’t melt those wings. Anyhow, for those of you who may not want to fly, there’s nothing wrong with trying to prolong the undergraduate experience for a little longer. So here are a few ideas of how you can stay at Kenyon after you graduate.

1. Trick Chef Meagan into thinking you are the twin of her unborn child. Sneak into her nursery and climb into her baby’s crib in nothing but a diaper. Hopefully she will take you in, and you will spend a second childhood being raised by one of our most beloved community members. (Though be careful that she doesn’t post pictures of you to Instagram, blowing your cover!) Continue reading

Students, Alumni and Faculty Remain Concerned About Senior Art Exhibition’s Ambiguous Future



As the second half of the 2015 Senior Studio Art exhibitions open this week, the future of student exhibitions at the Gund Gallery remains unclear.

Although President Decatur announced that the class of 2016’s Studio Art majors will have their senior exhibitions in the gallery in a student-info email on Friday, the exhibitions for the class of 2017 and beyond have not been confirmed.

After an article in the March 26 issue of the Collegian announced that the gallery may discontinue exhibitions of student and faculty work, debates over the gallery’s purpose popped up in the Collegian and online.

Among these reactions was a Facebook page called “A Thousand to One: Supporting Senior Art Majors’ Use of Gund Gallery,” launched by Lucas Pastorfield-Li ’15 to garner support for a petition to ensure future student exhibitions in the space.

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Tchotchke at the Gund Gallery: Reviews by a Math Major vs. an Art History Minor

Yoko Inoue's Mandala Flea Market Mutants installed at the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne (via

Yoko Inoue’s Mandala Flea Market Mutants installed at the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne (via

As it’s been said, “Art isn’t easy.” But art isn’t the same thing to all people. Here, The Thrill takes a look at art through the eyes of a Math Major versus an Art History minor by giving a brief review of the Gund Gallery’s current show, Tchotchke: Mass-Produced Sentimental Objects in Contemporary Art. Can you guess which review is whose? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Do it Today: Dance and Music Performance



This post was written by Sam Roschewsk. 

Do you like dance? Music? Art? Gund Gallery? All of the above? Then you should come to the Dance and Music performance in Gund Gallery! Students from the Choreography II class will perform works they have choreographed, inspired by the art exhibit Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art. This is a collaboration by musicians, composers, dancers, and choreographers alike so it’s bound to be a thought provoking experience with a little dash of something for everyone.

  • What: Dance and Music Performance
  • Where: Gund Gallery
  • When: Today, 11a.m. – 12:10p.m.
  • Why: Because ART

Do It Today: “Lemonade Stand” With Fallen Fruit



Do you like lemons? Participatory art? Talking about yourself? Join Fallen Fruit at the Gund Gallery today for “Lemonade Stand,” an art exhibit which allows participants to trade personalized lemons for lemonade. Go to the gallery, draw a picture of yourself on a lemon and share a personal story. Get there quickly, though; only the first 100 participants will receive a lemon. More details available after the jump!

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