Actually Yummy Peirce Hacks: Wiggins Street Mocha


So, most of us drink coffee. The sweet, sweet bitter drink that makes you work like something has grabbed hold of your mind and shoved it into a bucket of water and electrocuted it. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, being on this good Episcopalian campus, we must walk down Middle Path at least a billion times a day, and on this walk we must pass Wiggin Street Coffee.

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Peirce Hacks: Face Masks

alison cucumber.jpg

It’s October! The leaves are changing, you’re realizing that you shouldn’t have skipped that week of Modern Quest readings, and your once-perfect skin is beginning its annual shedding. With the cold weather comes dry skin and, boy, this year it’s looking rough. Your Glossier moisturizer has dried up and your $30 Organic Spirulina Gluten-Free Foaming Face Mask has grown spots of its own, so what can you do? This wouldn’t be a problem if you had access to a Lush or even the Target skin care aisle, but the closest thing in Gambier is the Burt’s Bees section in the Bookstore and, let’s be honest, your frequent VI trips have left you with a measly $3.44 on your K-Card. I guess you’ll just have to eat away your sorrows in… That’s it! Peirce! It’s time to game the system and make your meal plan work for you and your face.

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Hacks for Finals Week Because Everything is Falling Apart

that guy in the yellow looks 30 right but anyway finals week am I right!

Nick Petricca said it best in the lines of the fateful pop hit Anna Sun (re: this house is falling apart) when describing Kenyon’s finals week vibe. Morale is low, clouds are over everyone’s head (literally and figuratively), and everyone is drowning in work. We’re all in one big swamp of a pile of work and no one has any hope. We’re fine though. Do you know why we’re fine? Because we have hacks. That’s right. Easy, little, simple details that make this week a lil more bearable. Let’s get started.

Bookstore Ice Cream Happy Hour: Your favorite local bookstore will be having half-off ice cream from 10-11 every night this fine finals week. Get a cone with a pal, sit on the side walk, and don’t look at a computer or book or scholarly journal for a second. Take the ideas of the masses and concentrate them, then go to the masses, persevere in the ideas and carry them through, so as to form correct ideas of leadership – such is the basic method of leadership.

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