Hafternoon Delight: Goodbye Sex Blogging, Hello Monogamy

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. Yes, dear Kenyon, my time as your resident sex columnist is coming (no pun intended) to an end. What you’re reading right now is my last regular post. This sad but timely departure is occurring partly because someone wants to take over for me (!!!) and partly because I’m boring now and mostly only make out with one person (holler, Slampiece).

While Slampiece turned me from a wild child into a committed wild child, our relationship has spawned some positive events. For example, she inspired the opening line of this piece! Because I was a such a good girl all of first semester, Slampiece penned me a jokey Maria/Liesel Sound of Music femme slash fanfiction for my Hanukkah present. It’s saved in a shareable Google doc, if you’re interested. My mother’s review: “Slampiece writes very good smut.” The critics are raving!

Practical advice on and stories about navigating the boundaries of a committed, monogamous relationship after the jump.

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Hafternoon Delight: When Friends Come to Visit

The author and “Sam” on a school trip to Disney World.

Long time no talk, friends. I have news for you! One of my best pals in the whole wide world is coming to visit me at Kenyon this weekend. And by “visit me,” I mean “hook up with you.” He’s cute, funny, charismatic and here for only one weekend. What could be better, right? More on this fine fellow (among other things) after the jump.

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Hafternoon Delight: The Necessity of the Turkey Drop

If your relationship from home seems as bland as this turkey looks, it may be time to make a change. (Wikimedia Commons)

Last year, before Thanksgiving break, an upperclass student explained to me that first years aren’t fair game until after the federal holiday celebrating mass genocide and racism. He squeezed my hand and sighed that first years are too new to college, too new to living alone and too new to hookups in an environment as weirdly claustrophobic (er, intimate… it’s time to go home) as Kenyon. Then he made out with me, but whatever. Interesting concept, right? With one whole year of hindsight, I feel confident in giving advice about issues surrounding the first Thanksgiving home. So snuggle in, first years and nostalgic upperclass students alike. Let’s talk about the phenomenon known as the “Turkey Drop.” Continue reading