10 o’clock list: Things That Happen When Your Professor Appears At the KAC

The KAC: an exciting and dangerous place

We all experience moments of growth or maturity. We all wake up, stretch out our limbs, find clarity in the dust particles and whisper to ourselves: the KAC isn’t even that far away. Maybe, just maybe, we could exercise two or three times a week. We could speed walk for twenty minutes at a low incline instead of eating wheat thins by the box. Just as we start to believe that we could make a habit of moderate and healthy exercise, the abominable happens. We step on our stationary machine of choice, look up, and realize: one of our professors is right there. The stages of acceptance that you are about to experience are not for the weak of heart. Below are five stages of this process, loosely based off the five stages of grief. Except this experience isn’t sad, because what’s better than getting swole with your professor? Nothing. I hope you find clarity in navigating the sweaty weirdness to follow.

1. The denial of reality. You’re going to be thinking a lot of “no no no no no no no no no no no no no” in your head. Let it out. Refuse to admit reality. Trying to convince yourself that what you’re seeing is only a figment of your imagination is ultimately useless. This is only just the beginning. Continue reading