“They’re Wholesome”: Haikus to Soothe your Eggy Soul

I gotta know. (via eggaesthetic.tumblr.com)

I gotta know. (via eggaesthetic.tumblr.com)

The Farm at Kenyon has been sending out enthusiastic, egg-centric emails nearly every week, and I’ve been devouring each friggin’ one. Fresh delicious eggs for sale outside of Farr Hall? Wednesdays between 4:00 and 5:30? Four dollars per dozen? Sign me the heck UP, my dude! I came to Kenyon specifically for the student-raised produce! No one can break my dang spirit when I’ve got a carton full of luscious local eggs by my side! NO ONE! 

So I cut up some old farm emails and used their text to make some more haikus. I love eggs too much to let this old hobby o’ mine fall by the wayside. Enjoy!

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Ode to Yak



As the snow descended from the heavens, and the scholarly aura intensified with classes began, Kenyon College as we know it was back in action.

Ever wanted to know what the Kenyon College student population thinks? As we all know, Kenyon College is notorious for our fire Yik Yak game. And with a new semester and new yaks, the creative juices got flowing. So while you’re sadly reentering Olin and accepting your sad, sad fate, take a quick study break and check out these beautiful Haikus compiled by yours truly with the help of the angsty, sad, and occasionally punny Kenyon College Yik Yak.

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Reading Daze, Succinctly

All of these people once experienced reading daze

All of these people once experienced reading daze

So. The school gave you a whole four days to catch up on your work and study for your midterms, and you spent it in bed watching Gilmore Girls. It’s okay, you’re not alone. The following are one-sentence encapsulations of the long weekend, made anonymous to protect the innocent:

“Sleeps and weeps.”

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