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Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble. Tis’ that time of year where shit gets spooky and Kenyon’s ghosts come out to play. In turn, us Kenyon kids do green jello shots, pee on Mather and of course, dress like some character from a Quentin Tarantino movie. But, no matter if you dressed like Beatrix Kiddo, Mia Wallace, a sexy cat, a hotdog or some meme related something, we want to see it. So, enter the Thrill’s costume contest and show us the best you got! Continue reading

Costume Contest Winner!

Halloween and Halloweekend were so fun! The Company show was spooktacular, one of your editors-in-chief dressed as a member of BAT, and Michelle Obama came to Peeps & Phi Kaps Halloween. We’re just kidding about that last part.

Anyway, readers, The Thrill has selected a costume contest winner. After pouring over the entries that overflowed our inbox, we’ve decided on the best of the best, the costume of all costumes (or, as the winner might say, the kostume of all kostumes). We’ve also awarded a prize to the runner up! Click through to see pictures of the winners and to hear about their rewards.

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