10 o’clock list: 5 Sentence Starters to Avoid During Parents’ Weekend

“Anyways, he was all like ‘GUESS WHO BROUGHT ABSINTHE?!’ and that’s when things REALLY got crazy…”

Let’s face it, bud, there are going to be a lot of parents on campus this weekend. Whether or not yours are making the pilgrimage, it’s almost guaranteed that several of your peers will be towing their elders across campus for a while. That being said, you can’t just carry on with your typical rhetoric. Unless your parents are riding front row the Cool Train, you might want to censor a few of your usual conversation topics. So here’s the deal- if you blow an engine early on with a particularly noticeable gaffe, there’ll be nowhere for you to land safely. Starting your sentences strong is a good escape plan for later slip ups. Here are a few engine-blowers for you to avoid in your parental communication quest.

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“Gambier Ink”: Tattoos Around Campus, Part II


Cathy’s tattoo, which she got for a “notorious” high school scavenger hunt.

Throughout this process (check out last week’s part one), I learned a bunch of intimate details about Kenyon students whom I both had and hadn’t met before. I was also struck by the fact that these (somewhat) strangers were down to disrobe to varying publicly acceptable degrees for this, so maybe we’re making progress. The world is a crazy place. Here’s part two of “Gambier Ink”:

Cathy Mayer ’16

My high school had this scavenger hunt that is notorious for having like, lots of crazy requirements — you divide up into teams, and you compete and do them. … A lot of them are not something I would really want documented — like I don’t know if I’m allowed to say them, for the like, the code of the scavenger hunt — but like … some … very vulgar things, and I was not that down to do that. But I had gotten it into my mind that I would do the tattoo thing. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Harry Potter Review


This week in From the Collegian Archives, we’re not going too far back — just 14 years, to Nov. 4, 1999. But it might as well have been a lifetime ago, because this was before Pottermania had begun. (The book had, however, been released in the U.S. in Sept. 1998, meaning the Collegian was not exactly on the ball with this review.) Luckily, the review is a positive one — “quality stuff,” “fast pace, engaging characters and … fantasy-ridden plot,” “attracting people of all ages” — as the Collegian would probably never recover from panning the most beloved book of our generation. Still, the paper couldn’t resist throwing in the requisite sophisticated-liberal-arts-student-who’s-too-good-for-this barbs. “If you do no other pleasure reading over Thanksgiving break, read Harry Potter. In between, of course, chapters of Moby Dick.

After the jump, a special bonus photo of Kenyon’s own favorite boy wizard!

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Do it today: Meet the Owls

images-1This one’s got some ‘tude (via jokeroo.com)

This afternoon, the Brown Family Education Center will be showing off the aviary equivalent of a college student: the owl. The Ohio Education Center is giving you the chance to meet live specimens of three different species of local owls, presented with information about their habits, diets and nocturnal activities. The showing of the owls goes from 3PM to 5PM this afternoon. So if you’re interested in local ecology, ornithology, or or just want to see some good-looking hooters come down to the BFEC at 3 PM. And while one of the owls probably doesn’t have your lost Hogwarts acceptance letter strapped to its legs, you never know…

What: Meet the Owls!

When: 3PM – 5PM.

Where: The BFEC.