My Encounter with the Ghost I Think is Living in Lewis

I absolutely love Halloween. I love dressing up. I love watching scary movies. I especially love the book I recently purchased titled The Big Book of Ohio Ghost Stories. And up until recently, I thought I loved being scared. But for all the ghost stories I had loved reading, I myself had never lived one.

Until now.

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A Thought About the ‘Occupancy Sensors’


The “occupancy sensor” (Photo by Eric Geller ’14)

As you probably know, the College recently installed some “occupancy sensors” in the Caples, Mather, McBride, Hanna, and Leonard residence hall rooms. Sustainability Director Ed Neal told the Collegian that the “occupancy sensors” are part of a “sustainability and energy initiative” that will, “adjust the room temperature based on whether students are in the room.” But I’ve been thinking. Isn’t it suspicious that these “occupancy sensors” are placed in some of the most haunted Kenyon residence halls, residence halls that have been known to suffer mysterious fluctuations in temperature, residence halls believed to be inhabited by ghostly spirits?  Yes, readers, I believe that these “occupancy sensors”  are not intended to track human occupancy, but paranormal occupancy.

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