The Sun is Back and Now I have No Excuse

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When I first pitched this idea it was supposed to be a joke, I thought to myself [read aloud in Cookie Monster fashion]: “haha dis a funny bit and I rely on external validation to live. Me want laughs. Me get laughs.” Hubris. Pure hubris. I thought all this crap would end with the first day of spring. I thought the sun would come back and I’d shed my seasonal depression like a drunk girl shimmying out of skinny jeans at the end of the night. I thought I could blame all my vices, all my misfortunes, on the dismal, Dante-esque circle of hell that is Ohio winter we all just slogged through, but instead I still wake up in the mornings, sun pouring through my window like what should be hot coffee, feeling like a Moxie turd crushed underfoot in the library pit.

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It’s Okay, You’re Okay, We’re Okay


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Hey, it’s me, grandmagrandpa. I’ve cried twice over the past couple days, but now, my tears are dry and I’m ready to talk. You might be struggling, too. It’s February, for Gund’s sake. Whenever I talk to any of my friends, I say, “how are you?” and they say, “tired” or “IT’S FINE” or “aaaaAAAAHHhhhh,” which makes me think we’re all in need of a little pep talk. There, there, my sweet. Grandmagrandpa’s here. I promise that you’re going to be okay.

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Hey, You’re Okay.


radnor gets it

Hi. Listen. I just want to let you know that you’re okay. I’m sure you’ve been told by now that your first year will be rough and that everything will be alright eventually. However, I know what the ambiguity of this advice feels like when you’re sitting alone in your Lewis double eating rice and Sriracha for dinner. The bad news: you’re eating too much Sriracha and it will turn your insides red and make you think you’re shitting blood. The good news: You are not alone. You’re not even close to alone. Continue reading

Have Something to Say? Say it Here!

“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind.” -The Bard (via Boston University)

We all know Kenyon is a place where people think deep thoughts, and probably write about them. Well, we want to know what you’re thinking! The Thrill is soliciting for your “heart posts”–things you care about, and want other people to know about. These can range from issues on campus to stories about you to your opinions on the world at large! We’re interested in anything and everything in any tone, so long as it’s interesting and it’s a topic you’re passionate about. If you’re interested in the details of submitting, read on Macduff! Continue reading

I Knew This Post Would Come

via @kenyoncollege on Instagram

via @kenyoncollege on Instagram

I lose my wallet a lot. I always get it back, but this is something I didn’t realize about myself until recently. I’ve lost it under a couch cushion in a New Apt. I’ve lost it in a bar in DC. And at 10:17 PM on a Sunday, I had lost it again. I remembered putting it in a plastic bag with a bag of chips and a jar of salsa. I was bringing snacks to The Horn for a Stairwells rehearsal, and didn’t have the hands for it all. The thing is, I also remembered throwing that bag out in The Horn later that day, and I hadn’t seen my wallet since.

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It’s Okay If You’re Not Having Fun Yet

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This month is weird. I think the biggest problem is that as a first year it is easy to view the transition into college as being as simple as closing one door and opening another, so when you have those nagging thoughts like “I just want to watch TV in my living room” or “I think I fit in better in high school” you think you’ve somehow failed. But nothing is ever that easy, and while these are two different chapters in your life, they are all a part of the same story. Metaphors, ya know?

Whatever, I’ll be real. I was pretty miserable my first semester. Most people I know were. But it’s just not one of those things that works in Two Truths and a Lie (“My cat’s name is Lewis, I’ve been to Australia and I’m horribly unhappy!”). In my personal experience, the uneasiness can be attributed to three main factors, but the overarching issue is the idea that you are the only person feeling these uneasy emotions. This is article is here to tell you that you’re not. Continue reading