Lit Lit: Jurassic Park


Hello it is I, the irresponsible goblin! And this is Lit Lit, a segment I host where I get someone lit and we talk about books, and also, a full-fledged excuse to get drunk on a weekday, which I can do here because of Keynesian makework or something. This week, I had the pleasure of talking to Hannah Violins about a classic work of literature, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (pronounced Cry-tin). Hannah’s dialogue will be in plain old type, and actions will be in italics. Continue reading

The Thrill Talks About the Death Cafe

death cafe

Typically my MO here on the Thrill is that I go to an event or watch a movie, or in some way subject myself to something terrible and/or degrading, and then I write about every facet of each absurd moment of it, interpreted from multiple degrees and lenses. Essentially, what I do here is like being a liberal arts student and a jackass at the same time–though I’m not one to repeat myself.

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Ask the Thrill: Market Choices!


Hello all! It is I, the Question Goblin! In this segment, I ask the Thrill staff lots of fun questions and get some diverse and unique opinions! This week I asked the Thrill staff this:

What do you get from the market when you’re at your lowest emotional point?

And boy did I get some fun answers!

Sarah Hoffmann, Editor-in-Chief

“I’ll buy anywhere between three and five Vitamin Waters at once. Also Munchies.”

Colleen Kemp, Daily Editor

“A single potato from the produce section. Retail price: 76 cents.”

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They Made Another Film at Kenyon and Oh Boy

They Made Another Film at Kenyon and Oh Boy

Looking for the Jackalope (2016) is the second film I have found (and probably ever) that was filmed on Kenyon’s campus, so of course, the parallels others have found with Liberal Arts are inevitable. Too in this movie, do we see (tell me those five little words) “a disenchanted New York writer” travel back to Not-Kenyon College to relive his nostalgic glory days of college and come to terms with his disappointing adulthood. (Too also is there a brief but questionable relationship with a teenage girl who acts as surrogate for a link to the past, but we’ll get into that in a minute.)  Written and directed by Karl Shefelman (class of ’80), our protagonist is named Jordan Sterling, but in the subtitles they said Jordan Voiceover a lot, so our protagonist is named Jordan Voiceover. He is a writer working on his second novel, and living a very nice life in a very nice apartment in New York City. He’s recently divorced, and hangs out primarily with his sassy literary agent who says things over fruity drinks in chic gentrified bars that only people in movies say like “You need to. Get. Laid.” (Erica points out that this is probably the first time the woman playing his agent has said that in her life.) I really don’t feel bad for this man at all. He’s a writer who has made it for God’s sake. He’s doing pretty well.

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