Hickey Etiquette

via wikihow.com

via wikihow.com

This post was written by John Foley ’15, a contributor to The Thrill.

For much of recorded history, a ferocious debate has raged around the art of concealing a hickey.

Conventional wisdom (which supported the invasion of Iraq, FYI) says that hickeys are unprofessional and unbecoming of adults. “Very common in high school,” says the internet.

Sure, hickeys can be fun in the heat of the moment when you lose yourself in the music at Selena Gomez’ birthday party, or “have a little too much fun” on Missy Elliot’s yacht  (I am speaking abstractly here; Missy had to sell her yacht). But at some point, the party ends. They become a huge nuisance when your boss or professor won’t stop giving you weird looks and uncomfortable winks! Continue reading