10 o’clock list: Most Popular Water Bottles on Campus


Pick one!

Kenyon students are eco-friendly and like to stay hydrated (whether or not that is exclusively to lessen hangovers is completely up to you, dear reader) and likely to have a reusable water bottle. Yet, not all water bottles are made equally, and Kenyon students definitely show their preferences.

  1. The sticker-covered Nalgene: Favoured by preps and outdoorsy types. Like your sticker-covered Macbook, this bottle perfectly describes your personality. Meaning we can tell exactly who you are by which political/clothing brands/social cause/Kenyon clubs/National Park stickers you have plastered on your bottle. Continue reading

Terrifying Doll Discovered in Hillel Shortly Before Everyone Shat Their Pants

photo (77)

“Since this door was uncovered in ’93, I had to move the bodies. Do you want to find them?”

Last night, Andrew Pochter ’15 was rummaging around the basement in Hillel for reasons I did not care to inquire, and emerged with this doll he found in a box of feathers. Is this a clue to a decades-long mystery? What will they find when Hillel is knocked down this summer? What happened to its face? I’m sorry. I have to go now because staring at this picture is giving me a fear headache.

Kenyon Pets: Mason the Hillel Tibetan Terrier

Now that’s enthusiastic consent.

If you wander into Hillel (perhaps in fruitless pursuit of bagels), one of the first things you’ll notice is a small fluff winding its way around your heels. Upon closer observation you’ll see that this fluff is actually Mason, the Tibetan Terrier of Marc Bragin, Jewish Chaplain at Hillel House. Learn more about Mason, and see more pictures, after the jump!

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Kenyon Kribs: Hillel House

(From left to right) Colin Finnegan, a bit of Andrew Pochter, and Rebecca Varnell. Photo by Zoe Lyon.

To many students, Hillel exists only as a Sunday morning treat, a safe haven that lures in innocent first years with the prospect of bagels, only to immediately run out (no, I will never let go of that). But for sophomores Andrew Pochter, Colin Finnegan, Zoe Lyon, and Rebecca Varnell, it’s home, a place of elephant tapestries, Yiddish fridge magnets, and probably UNLIMITED bagels. See more pictures after the jump!

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