A Kenyon Klothes Swap Vol. V


Welcome to WWE (stands for Kenyon Klothes Swap) featuring Tyler “Ron “Big Body” Matthews”  Raso and Ellie “Caitlin “Rock Lobster” Martin” Melick. Fortunately we are lovers, not fighters, so instead of competing we gave each other makeovers.

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10 o’clock List: Ways You Thought Kenyon Was Hogwarts and Were 100% Wrong

This post was written by Maureen Hoff ’15 and Mary Alice Jackson ’15.

WARNING: This may ruin Harry Potter Day as you know it…

1.   You thought there were witches. You saw the way people dressed and thought that we were all at LEAST Stevie Nicks type of witches. Flow-y dresses, big sweaters and shawls, witchy boots- oh my god totally witches. Nope, not witches, just hip hip hip hip2b square.

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Kenyon Doppelgängers: Andrea Odegaard ’14 and Madeleine Bradford ’17


I became aware of Andrea Odegaard ’14 (right) and Madeleine Bradford ’17 (left) doppelgänger status the first week of class this year. I saw a long blond braid from behind on Middle Path and ran to catch up with “Andrea”, only noticing at the last second that it wasn’t actually her.

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