10 o’clock list: Best Holes on Campus


As someone who chose Kenyon partly for its aesthetic appeal, this past year has not been great for me. So far I’ve witnessed the execution of Olin, the takeover of the mods, and the annual transition of Middle Path from a scenic walkway to a mile-long puddle. At least there has been one group of constants in my life: Kenyon’s holes. Wide or narrow, deep or shallow, these holes never fail to catch my attention and make me think, “This will do.”

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Breaking(ish): “Hole in Earth between Bushnell and Manning”


This fine morning all of the residents of Bushnell and Manning were alerted to something truly groundbreaking. There is a hole in the earth between the two residence halls. Here are some safety tips so you don’t accidentally fall into the hole in the earth and end up in China. Use caution as you walk into your dorm, and be mindful of the workers who are attempting to repair the hole. The area will be barricaded until further notice. Be careful, all you walkers out there. Don’t fall into any holes.