A Winter’s Tale: Awkward Relative Encounters

With outfits like these, I’m sure this family has never had an awkward holiday moment! We should all follow in their lead.

As we all know, a holiday season isn’t complete without your beloved family, and there’s nothing like probing questions and awkward situations from the people closest to you (well, in a literal sense anyway) to ruin that good vibe you’ve had from your Friends Netflix binge. Here are some highlights from people just like you!

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DIY Whine and Cheese Platter

via sellcell.com

Early December is proving to be a very difficult time. While half of you wants to assume fetal position and sob and scream because of finals and general end-of-semester anxiety, the second half wants to immerse yourself in holiday spirit, and the last half doesn’t want to leave the warmth of your bed and face the bitter cold on your way to Peirce. Yes, I know it gets so much worse, yes I know we’ve had it good so far, yes I know I’m just a naïve first-year but objectively speaking anything below 32 is freezing, leave me alone. With that in mind, what if I told you I have a fun, festive and easy “meal” you could prepare with items that are probably already in your fridge, ideal to enjoy with friends in the comfort of your own 10×10 dorm? You’d probably say, “Wow, Shayne, you’re a Christmas miracle, I love you, please enjoy this Sephora gift card.”

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