Philander’s Ball: High School Homecoming in Disguise

Ah, high-school dances, you never know when another is going to creep into your life.

Ah, high-school dances —  you never know when another is going to creep into your life.

For those of you who attended the ball this past weekend, you most likely felt a sense of déjà vu the minute you walked into the KAC. A gym. A dance where alcohol is prohibited. A date you probably didn’t want. Sound familiar? I bring you to your high school homecoming dance.

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Senior Soirée: Unpacking Senior Year

I idolized the senior class my first year at Kenyon. They were cool, put-together and spoke every language on the planet. When I stalked certain seniors  photos from Senior Soirée appeared on my News Feed, the image of the male seniors in slick suits and the female students in glamorous gowns and faux fur enchanted me. I fell in love with the idea of being a senior. In my Norton double, I envisioned the joys that awaited me in my senior year: drinking legally, glamorous clothes and eternal relationships. Senior Soirée was, in my mind, the capstone to senior status.

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Weekend Drink: The Homecoming Classic

Homecoming is here, the highlighter party is tonight, and school spirit is in the air. At least I think that’s what I’m smelling. Sometimes when the wind is blowing the right way, I could swear it’s manure. Oh well. Anyway, here’s a drink to get you pumped with Kenyon pride and going for the homecoming stuff today:

For when you can't summon up the energy to feel, alcohol is there for you.

For when you can’t summon up the energy to feel pride yourself, alcohol is there for you.

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Homecoming Is Today!

Check out Kenyon Football at 1 p.m. today (via

Yes, First Years, there’s still homecoming in college. What’s that? You don’t have a date or a dress yet!? Well hurry up and get one! Just kidding, there’s no big formal where you awkwardly try to slow dance with your date without stepping on their toes, but there are plenty of activities to attend. Check it out after the jump! Continue reading